Trinidad & Tobago: endless possibilities

You’ve made a wonderful decision to discover Trinidad and TobagoTobago is perfect for restoration: lazing on picture-perfect beaches or an escape into nature – whether silently observing the island’s diverse wildlife, or pushing your body to the limit while mountain biking or windsurfing! Trinidadians work hard and play hard: the island’s an economic powerhouse and in some ways the festival capital of the Caribbean.

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We’ve really enjoyed our life in Trinidad. The people here, both the ones we work with and the ones outside of school are friendly, fun, and a make you feel like you belong here. Get ready for every single person you meet to say hello to you; it’s a big thing here! It’s a little hard to put in a few short paragraphs, but we’ve been amazed that such a small country has developed such any amazing and unique culture. They have their own music, cuisine, and way of doing things. If you throw yourself into it, you will have an amazing experience – especially around Christmas and Carnival time.

- George Leiter, ISPS  Teacher, 2017

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