Applying to ISPS

We are looking for individuals to join our community who will be passionate about helping us to achieve our Mission and Vision.  

Our recruitment policy is to recruit candidates with the skills and qualifications that match the position requirements. Candidates are hired from various countries.


Teaching Positions

We post teaching openings with Search Associates (SA), Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA) and International School Services (ISS) . On occasion we also use local recruitment websites and postings in the newspaper and our website. 

With respect to international recruitment, we post confirmed and anticipated openings in October-November and also attend recruitment fairs in November/ December and January/ February. 

For Teaching Positions candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in the subject area from an accredited university, have current/valid registration with the Ministry of Education or possess a valid teaching certificate from abroad. A Bachelor of Education or equivalent is preferred. We require at least two years of recent, full time classroom teaching experience at school level of vacancy. International experience or experience in a North American system is preferred. Training and experience teaching at an IB school at level of vacancy is preferred. For overseas hires we hire singles and/or teaching couples with or without children. Dependent children are permitted to attend the school at reduced rates. All dependents must meet the entrance requirements.

Admin & Support Positions

For office, support and general administrative roles, recruitment is made locally through advertisements placed in newspapers and recruitment websites.