The International School of Port of Spain believes that our teachers and staff are the School’s greatest assets. We are an equal-opportunity employer and open to ideas and people regardless of their age, race, nationality, political, philosophical or religious conviction, sex, disabilities or marital status. The Board of Directors is intent on recruiting and retaining the service of highly qualified professionals committed to the needs of children and the Mission and Vision of the school. As such, we seek qualified teachers and staff who are deeply committed to creating a vibrant learning community dedicated to developing passionate learners who strive for excellence and pursue their unique potential. We seek to employ persons who are resilient, innovative, act with confidence and integrity and are caring global citizens. We also seek to employ persons who are dedicated to creating a harmonious working environment through shared values, reflective dialogue and collaboration.

The school works to promote a lifelong commitment to learning through a variety of ongoing professional development activities. Staff members are encouraged to join and participate actively in professional associations in order to keep abreast of current educational research and practice.


Dear Prospective Employee,

Thank you for your interest in The International School of Port of Spain(ISPS). I hope that the information provided on our website answers many of your questions related to what it would be like to work at ISPS and to live in Trinidad and Tobago.

We are looking for individuals to join our community who will be passionate about helping us to achieve our Mission and Vision.

As a vibrant learning community we are seeking professionals who are able to see the unique potential in each of our students and are able to develop independent learners who strive for academic excellence, pursue their unique potential and meet challenges with confidence and integrity as they prepare for global citizenship.

If you are passionate about learning and the pursuit of personal excellence please consider joining our community at The International School of Port of Spain.

We are looking for difference makers, future shapers!!

Recruitment Policy

Our recruitment policy is to recruit candidates with the skills and qualifications that match the position requirements. Candidates are hired from various countries. For Teaching Positions candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree in the subject area from an accredited university, have current/valid registration with the Ministry of Education or possess a valid teaching certificate from abroad. A Bachelor of Education or equivalent is preferred. We require at least two years of recent, full time classroom teaching experience at school level of vacancy. International experience or experience in a North American system is preferred. Training and experience teaching at an IB school at level of vacancy is preferred. For overseas hires we hire singles and/or teaching couples with or without children. Dependent children are permitted to attend the school at reduced rates. All dependents must meet the entrance requirements.


Starting August 2018

Library Assistant

Summary of position

The position of the Library Assistant involves, but is not limited to, the provision of services to support the programs and activities of library, the Library and the school. This includes activities related to reference and circulation services, activities for all patrons (students, teachers and parents), media support, and any other duties as requested by the Librarian. The library assistant must be proficient in and have an understanding of technology related to the library program.


  • Assists with library curriculum development.
  • Catalogue and classify (both original and copy cataloging using MARC records) books, DVD’s, audiobooks, Kindle books and equipment.
  • Create MARC records for resources without records.
  • Reading shelves, cataloging books by downloading Follett Destiny program, retrieving books.
  • Deep indexing books for International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP and AP programs
  • Initiating patron reports and collection analysis reports of the library’s resources Oversee the effective functioning of the library’s ILS system (Follett Destiny).
  • Conducting authority checks on the library’s collection using the ILS system.
  • Patron Maintenance -- Must be able to update the system to include incoming and departing students and faculty in the ILS system.
  • Web 2.0 tools that are implemented in 21st century libraries such as hyperlinks, resource lists, and reviews and recommendations.
  • Create Accelerated Reading (AR) tests and reports for AR tests and Lexile measures on books using the Renaissance program.
  • Maintaining circulation information on Tablets, iPods and other electronic devices in order to assist users with library resources and navigation of these devices.
  • Host library media center demonstrations for students, parents and staff.
  • Create and compile surveys and survey data for library analysis.
  • Create charts and graphs for library statistics.
  • Create digital displays for new books acquired by the library.

Acquisition of materials:

    • Assist the Director in material selection and collection development to reflect the library community’s needs.
    • Assist with follow up on ordered items.
    • Correspond with vendors on orders placed.

Customer Service:

    • Read with expression and engage children in PYP attitudes while developing their personal reading interests.
    • Host library media center demonstrations for students, parents and staff, teaching them how to use the library’s ILS system (Myquest) and the library’s e-books (Follett Shelf).
    • Co-ordinate information from surveys to assess the library is providing required services to community.
    • Adjust the ILS’s site configuration to include foreign language viewing, Lexile and Accelerated Reader measures.
    • Assist teaching staff with providing all books for the PYP, MYP and AP units they are currently doing.
    • Assist patrons, at all levels, in the use of the library and selections of materials.
    • Assist Elementary school students with AR (Accelerated Reader) tests.
    • Conduct classes with the Upper and or Lower Elementary grades (Pre-K to Grade 5) incorporating story time with PYP units.
    • Supervise students at all levels during the after school hours.
    • Assists with Middle and High school library classes


    • Ensure the library is organized and user friendly.
    • Weed DVD’s and books from the Libraries Follett system when identified by the librarian.
    • Organize storage cupboards.
    • Read the shelves according to alphabetical order and the Dewey Decimal System.
    • Assist students with AR (Accelerated Reader) tests.
    • Supervise children.
    • Conductor assist library classes for all elementary students.
    • Oversee library book clubs to coincide with class PYP units.


    • Organize VHS conversions to DVD

Qualifications and Experience:

A Bachelor’s degree in any subject area.

Technical / Computer Proficiency:

A library assistant must have a basic understanding of:

  • A computer’s network, printers, scanners and the Internet.
  • Microsoft Word.
  • Excel Skills - Must routinely use Microsoft Excel for library accounting purposes.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - Must be able to create charts and graphs to display library statistics.
  • Google Docs - Must understand and routinely use Google Docs in order to navigate and use the AV room sign-up sheet.
  • Navigation of the library’s ILS system, Follett Destiny including MyQuest, Follett Shelf, Title wave.


The Library Assistant must be able to relate well to young children, teenagers and adults

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and CV via e-mail to the Human Resource Manager (hr@isps.edu.tt).

Deadline for submissions is February 9, 2018.

Local applicants are also required to submit a copy of the application to: Chief Manpower Officer, Ministry of Labor & Small and Micro Enterprise Development, Duke Place, 50-54 Duke Street, Port of Spain.

Unsuitable applications will not be acknowledged.

Starting March 2018

Information Systems Specialist

Summary of position

Under general supervision, the Information Systems Specialist installs, configures, maintains and repairs the Student Information System, educational applications and all other information systems that are implemented currently. The incumbent is responsible for maintaining the integrity and performance of all information systems and guarantee that the data is accurate, accessible and secured. The incumbent must provide reports and training to all levels of staff. This position also requires the incumbent to provide technical support to staff as directed by the IT Department.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manage and maintain clean data in the Student Information System.
  • Create and enforce policies for effective data management.
  • Maintain accurate and detailed documentation regarding Student Information System functions, operating procedures and the dissemination of updates to users.
  • Formulate techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data.
  • Importing/exporting data and conducts advanced searches and queries.
  • Oversee development and use of data management systems.
  • Plan, document and execute new systems and modification to current system in an optimal manner without adverse effects on current systems.
  • Devise and implement efficient ways to organize, store and analyze data with attention to all technical aspects.
  • Proactively suggest ways of improving system stability, availability, performance and reliability.
  • Support others in the daily use of data systems and ensure adherence to legal and school standards.
  • Attend and participate in meetings, conferences, and seminars.
  • Produce periodic reports reports and data extraction when needed.
  • Scheduling and coordinating training activities and workshops with other departments and produce necessary training documentation and presentations.
  • Monitor and analyze information and data systems and evaluate their performance to discover ways of enhancing them (new technologies, upgrades etc.).
  • Assist with the problem solving and troubleshooting activities for the production events related to student information systems.
  • Ensure digital databases and archives are protected from security breaches and data losses.
  • Troubleshoot data-related problems and authorize maintenance or modifications.
  • Provide additional support to the IT Helpdesk and other related duties assigned.

Education and Training

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology with extensive experience in database systems.
  • Professional certifications in databases and project management would be considered an asset.
  • Three or more years of experience managing database systems and providing data entry, data analysis and reporting.
  • Experience working directly with Student Information Systems would be considered an asset.
  • Demonstrated competence in software implementation, database systems design, user support and training.
  • Experience working with multiple entities and organizations to complete tasks and reports.
  • High competence in the Microsoft Office and /or Google Suite.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent database knowledge and expertise.
  • Proven experience as a data manager.
  • Pays high attention to detail and is resourceful.
  • Knowledge of Student Information Systems.
  • Good communication and collaboration skills, both verbal and written.
  • Excellent multitasking and time management skills.
  • Strong problem solving, evaluation and analytical skills.

Work Environment

  • Normal school environment and moderate noise levels.
  • Ability to work with internal cross-functional teams and external vendors.
  • Some after-hours work may be required.
  • Work independently without direct supervision in a fast-paced environment.

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to work at desk/computer for extended periods of time.
  • Must be able to have repetitive wrist/hand/finger movement to work on computer and/or related office equipment.

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest, current police certificate of character, and CV via e-mail to the Human Resource Manager (hr@isps.edu.tt)

Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2018

Starting August 2018

Elementary School (PYP) Teacher

Elementary & Middle Schools (PYP/MYP) Art Teacher

Middle School (MYP) Science Teacher

Middle School (MYP) Math Teacher

Middle School (MYP) Counsellor/Teacher

High School Math/AP Physics Teacher

High School AP Chemistry/Integrated Science Teacher

Minimum Qualifications (All teaching positions):

  • Bachelor of Education or equivalent preferred
  • Current/valid registration with the Ministry of Education or possess a valid teaching certificate from abroad
  • Computer literate

Experience (All teaching positions):

  • At least 2 years of recent, full time classroom teaching experience in the area of vacancy
  • Experience teaching the IB-PYP or MYP curriculum
  • Training and experience teaching at an IB School or in a North American school preferred
  • Experience in Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL), Project-Based Learning (PBL) and 21st Century Education preferred

Specific to Middle School and High School Teacher positions:

  • Bachelor's degree in subject area from an accredited university
  • Experience teaching AP Physics
  • Experience teaching AP Chemistry

Specific to the Middle School (MYP) Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher:

  • Post-graduate Certificate in the Teaching of Shakespeare for Drama Specialists

Specific to the Middle School Counsellor/Teacher:

  • Current certificate as a School Counsellor
  • Master's degree in School Counselling
  • At least 5 years' experience as a School Counsellor, preferable at the Middle School or High School leavel
  • At least 3 years' experience in an International School setting

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest, current police certificate of character, and CV via e-mail to the Human Resource Manager at hr@isps.edu.tt.

Deadline for submissions is November 10, 2017.

Local applicants are also required to submit a copy of the application to: Chief Manpower Officer, Ministry of Labour & Small and Micro Enterprise Development, Duke Place, 50-54 Duke Street, Port of Spain.

Unsuitable applications will not be acknowledged.

Life at ISPS

ISPS offers the opportunity of working in a supportive, professional setting. Professional Development is of paramount importance to us and all of our staff are exposed on an on-going basis to professional development.

Our Parent Teacher Organization plays an active part in the School and during the year a series of activities/surprises are hosted by the PTO for our staff.

The School year kicks off with a week long orientation for all staff. This is planned one week prior to the official start of School and culminates with a “lime” at the Director’s home. Our new hires coming from abroad usually arrive two weeks before School starts and are treated to a “special” orientation centered around getting acclimatized to Trinidad & Tobago.

During the year the School is a buzz of various activities; from coffee mornings, curriculum nights, International Week, CAISSA and Carnival week. International week usually begins with the Parade of Nations Assembly and ends with the fantastic International Food Festival. This event is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get together and to learn about the cuisine and cultures that characterize our international community. We usually host CAISSA once a year. During the Carnival season many activities are planned and culminates with a Carnival parade.

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