Board of Directors

ISPS is governed by a Board of Directors, with four shareholder members and three Parent Board Members nominated by parents at the PTO Annual General Meeting. There is an Alternate Board Member for each full member. The members of the Board for the 2017-18 school year are:

Board Members


Alternate Members

Richard Eaton


Regan Sankar

Ana Lia Ferrero


Karen Blake

Lisa Gosine-Alleyne

EOG Resources

Derek Reiber

Dexter Payne

US Embassy

Paul Brown

Bronwyn Cox

Parent Director

Adrienne Darcy

Robert Hadad

Parent Director

Jennifer Loughridge

Carol McIntyre

Parent Director

Lou-Anna Patterson

The primary functions of the Board of Directors are to set policy, maintain financial health and monitor the quality of the education being provided at the school. The day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the school’s Director.

To assist them in their work, the Board has four standing committees:

The Finance Committee oversees the financial activities of the school and advises the Board on the determination of school fees and employee compensation.

The Growth and Resource Committee plans for capital and physical improvements at the school and monitors health and safety issues.

The Quality of Education Committee oversees the education programs of the school at the policy level and plays an important oversight role in the implementation and progress of the School Improvement Plan. In addition, the committee monitors student progress and assists the administration in program initiatives.
The Ad Hoc Policy Committee This committee reviews and approves changes to the Board Policy Manual and other policy related documents.