Board of Directors

ISPS is governed by a Board of Directors, with four shareholder members and three Parent Board Members nominated by parents at the PTO Annual General Meeting. There is an Alternate Board Member for each full member.

In addition to serving on the Board, Directors may also serve on advisory committees such as task forces for specific purposes or to provide continuing consultation. The Director of ISPS sits on all committees. These advisory groups report monthly to the Board.

There are currently three sub-committees:

1. Finance and Facilities

2. Human Resource, Governance and Policy

3. ACE – Academic, Communication and Enrollment

For the 2018-2019 school year an additional sub-committee was established.

4. Strategic Planning


The Human Resource, Governance and Policy Committee

The Human Resource, Governance and Policy Committee meets monthly. This committee reviews and makes recommendations on existing and new policies, covering staff compensation and benefit packages. It also recommends manpower/recruitment plans and the filing of vacancies. This committee monitors the succession and development plans for school leadership. It also approves the annual school calendar for presentation to the Board of Directors for final approval, and will annually review facility safety features and report their findings to the Board with recommendations for improvement.

The Finance and Facilities Committee

The Finance and Facilities Committee meets monthly. The committee works in conjunction with the Director of the School to develop the annual operating and capital budgets and a long-term financial plan for the school. The committee advises the Board of Directors for the setting of employee compensation packages and annual school fees. The committee reviews the school’s financial procedures to ensure such are sufficient to secure and maintain the school’s resources and equipment. The committee is to oversee the facilities (buildings and grounds) of the school in respect to maintenance, safety and improvement.

ACE – Academics, Communication and Education Committee

ACE – Academics, Communication and Education Committee meets monthly. This committee concentrates on issues at the broadest level of education such as recommending educational policy, reviewing overall school performance against the strategic plan, school accreditation, admissions and enrollment and recommending communication strategies to keep our stakeholders informed.

Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic Planning Committee – A Strategic Planning Committee was formed for the 2018-2019 school year. The committee initiated a process that would engage all stakeholder, students, parents, faculty and Staff, and Board member, to seek their input on the direction of the school that they envisage. This was a focus of the Board retreat in November and the Strategic Planning Committee met twice monthly to finalize the plan. The Committee is being advised by members of faculty and administration. The new ISPS Strategic Plan is expected to be announced at the beginning of the new academic year 2019-2020.

Meet Our Board (2019-2020)

Richard Eaton

Richard Eaton

Chair, BPTT