AP Vybz




AP Vybz is an experiential group. 
A place for music lovers.


Team Leader:  Sophia Chinapoo

Vice Captain: Justin Chin Lee

Secretary Isaac Reiber

Public Relations: Tomi Allen-Nurse

MS Vybz Tutor: Alexander Aleong

Goals: To do music, talk music, create music, learn, share, experience and appreciate music. To indulge in solo work, and small and big ensemble activities. To practice our craft and share it with other like minds. To plan and execute projects together.



News From Our Team

AP Vybz - Never Stop The Music

The HS Music Club (AP Vybz; sponsored by Kendra Sylvester)  recently created a remotely-performed and produced collaborative music video project to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Latest Team Announcements

MS/ HS Club Week

This week was a week full of MS and HS student lead club presentations. Presentations and sign ups occurred during lunchtimes.

Upcoming Meetings