Globally Engaged

Our students go beyond the traditional boundaries of education, leading in ‘real world’ environments, co-authoring a future that values creative collaboration and connections.

Our students in a small school on a small island see themselves on the world stage, making decisions that have a global impact. Our faculty is internationally-minded and prepares our students to become immersed in complex real-world situations.

We believe all students thrive in an environment that has been specifically designed for them. This is why all aspects of the student experience at ISPS have been carefully thought out.

From an early involvement in all that the school has to offer in our Elementary School, to our Middle School support through emotional and social growth, to our understanding that there is a need for balance between formal learning and extra curricular experiences, we believe that school is so much more than what happens in the classroom.

Our students lead the way in Model United Nations, participating in global student sessions in the, USA and Canada, Mexico to name a few.

Service Learning is integrated into our school programs, Pre-K to 12 and despite the challenges of the pandemic our students have made an impact in so many lives in Trinidad, and also leading a drive to assist the victims of the volcano eruptions in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The After School Activities Program at ISPS is well recognized for the variety of opportunities for our students to explore countless opportunities. 


Now more than ever we rely on our connected and supportive learning community.