Service Learning

Empowering to Make a Difference

Our students will be encouraged to put others before themselves from a young age, ISPS students from Pre-kindergarten to grade twelve take part in service learning opportunities in school, in their community, and in regional and global communities. They find meaning in benefiting others when they brainstorm, research, interview, plan activities, build connections, and contribute to communities’ areas of need.

Becoming Responsible Global Citizens

Service learning is integrated into our kindergarten to eighth grade curriculum, and our students themselves have initiated over 40 high school service clubs. Six passionate elected students guide all high school service clubs by serving on our Executive Service Council.

Students who join these clubs develop skills such as taking initiative, collaborating, organizing, and implementing. Encouraged to initiate their own service learning projects, they work on valuable life skills and towards becoming responsible, enlightened, and reflective global citizens.

Service Learning is a methodology that connects students’ interests with identified community issues and needs. Service Learning engages students in projects that serve the community and build their social and academic capacities. Beginning August 2020, a Pre K- 12 Service Learning Program will become an integral part of the ISPS experience. All grade levels will be assigned a specific project and  students must spend time planning, working and reflecting on their Service Learning experience. ES and MS will be given blocks of time during the quarter and HS students will have a weekly 90 min period built in to their schedule.


MISSION: Service Learning will provide students with opportunities to develop a stronger sense of global citizenship through improved social responsibility and civic awareness.


We believe that the best service comes out of extraordinary care, and our students exhibit just that every day. Opportunities for service abound for ISPS students from Pre-kindergarten through Grade 12, both at school and in the community. Scores of student-led initiatives have flourished over the years, and new ones are constantly evolving in response to local and global needs. Students at ISPS are empowered to make a difference in their communities and develop an early commitment to active citizenship as part of being a responsible global citizen.