Reading Lists

Welcome to the ISPS Summer Reading Program, which is an opportunity for students to explore new books in order to excel in the the upcoming academic year. We are pleased to join a growing number of schools that have a summer reading program.

This is because reading studies that have been conducted since the 1950s have proved that students who read in the summer come back at least four months ahead of their non-reading peers.

The books on this list have been chosen by the teachers and the librarian to interest students in reading, and they serve the important purpose of being reference guides for the upcoming school year. Students are asked to purchase and read the book(s) listed under the grade they will be going into for the 2023-2024 school year so that they can underline or make notes in their books, which will be used important personal reference material for the school year. Students may buy kindle versions of the books or download the kindle app on their computers.

Students are required to read the entire book, unless teachers have given alternative instructions. There will be an assessment on the first day of school related to the book.

AP students please read the special instructions for your AP classes.


Other Reading