Library Policies

The mission of the ISPS Library is to provide services to support the programs and activities of the Library and the school.

This includes activities related to reference and circulation services, activities for all patrons (all students, teachers and parents), media support, and any other duties that are requested. We aim to provide an environment that promotes technological advancement,literacy and an understanding and appreciation for knowledge and learning.

To ensure a pleasant and courteous working atmosphere, the ISPS library asks patrons to do the following:

  1. Students are are allowed to check out three books at a time under their name.
  2. Parents are also allowed to check out three books at a time under their name.
  3. Teachers are allowed to check out as many books as they need because they often check out books for units.
  4. Guests are allowed to check out 1-3 books at a time depending on the situation.
  5. All books can be borrowed for two weeks at a time.
  6. Due dates may be extended if the book is not on hold for another patron.
  7. Due dates on library books may be extended, for longer periods of time, if teachers need books for units.
  8. Resources borrowed under one patron's name must be returned directly to the library and not given to another patron without being checked out by a librarian.
  9. Checked out items can only be collected by the person who checked them out. Teachers may not send students to collect items for them. No one can check out an item for someone else.
  10. Kindle devices and iPod devices must be renewed every two weeks. The only exceptions will be for devices borrowed over the Christmas, Easter or end of the year (summer vacation) vacations.
  11. DVDs can only be borrowed for three days at a time by parents and staff members only. Exceptions will be made for DVDs needed for units or DVDs checked out over long weekends.
  12. DVDs cannot be borrowed over the end of year (summer) vacation.


Charges and Fees

  1. All items borrowed from the library must be renewed/ returned before a school term ends.
  2. All items borrowed from the library are the financial responsibility of the patron. As a result, misplaced or damaged items must be paid for by patrons.