BYOD Guide

This guide contains the following important information. Please read the complete guide.

  • Recommended Laptop Specifications
  • Free Software for the laptop

Minimum Specifications

The following chart should help you in selecting and purchasing a laptop for your child to use while they are at ISPS. While there are many options, there are minimum specifications that we require to support your child’s learning at ISPS.

Machine Type




Screen Size

11 inches or more


Intel i3 or Higher

AMD Athlon II or Higher


4 GB or Higher

Hard Drive

120 GB or Higher

Operating System

Windows 7 Professional or Higher, Mac OSX or Higher


802.11n or Higher


2 USB ports, Audio in/out, In-built microphone, VGA or HDMI

Battery Life

4+ hours (4+ cell or higher)


3 Year warranty with Damage protection

ISPS Laptop Purchase Guide - This document lists laptop options that you can consider. These options meet the approved specifications for the BYOD program. It describes in detail the different models from each manufacturer. The document will be updated regularly as new models are released.

Software Needed

The following free software needs to be downloaded and installed on your laptop for use in school.

Internet Browsers (Minimum of TWO different browsers should be installed)

  • Google Chrome (For Windows and Mac)
  • Firefox 23 or higher (For Windows and Mac)
  • Safari 5 (For Windows and Mac)

Laptop/Mobile location tracking (recommended):

Additional Software:

Video Player:

Audio Recorder:


Anti-virus STRONGLY suggested

Video Converter