As a member of the ISPS community, I pledge my academic integrity, honesty, and respect. I will prepare for global citizenship by being open minded to ideas, perspectives, and cultures; being curious and courageous both inside and outside of the classroom; thus expressing my individuality as an independent free thinker. I will also be open to self-reflection, recognizing my faults, and striving for improvement and excellence in all that I do.

The Honor Code of the International School of Port of Spain is based on the community’s belief that personal conduct and academic integrity are as important as academic achievement. Following our Honor Code creates a community of trust among students and faculty by establishing principles for everyone to follow.

The Honor Code is divided into two main components: The Behavioral Code of Conduct and the Academic Code of Integrity. The Code of Conduct deals with the way that all community members should carry themselves as a reflection of the ideals of ISPS. The Code of Integrity refers to each individual being responsible and honest about his or her own work.

Beginning on the first day of school and continuing throughout the year, students and teachers will discuss what it means to live in a community with honor and integrity. Through dialogue and examples, we will seek to explore and explain what it means to display appropriate behavior in both academic and personal situations.

ISPS believes that in order to deliver a high quality program, students, staff and parents should be held accountable to the highest levels of conduct.

Therefore, at ISPS, we expect that all students will:

  • Uphold the fundamental rights of all ISPS community members by treating others and their property with respect and dignity.
  • Practice tolerance and respect diversity.
  • Behave in such a way that brings honor upon ISPS’ name.
  • Be responsible for your own conduct both in and out of school and understand that improper conduct has consequences.
  • Resolve conflicts in a peaceful, rational manner.
  • Be honest, always tell the truth and don’t take what does not belong to you.
  • Care for others physically, psychologically, and emotionally.
  • Give of yourself to your community.
  • Do your best every day; strive for excellence in everything you do.
  • When you see others violating the Honor Code, speak out.