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College Counseling

Early College Preparation - 

The High School Career

At the International School of Port of Spain (ISPS), we strive to best prepare our students and their families for the challenges that they will face in the future, not just college.   

Also, it is important to emphasize that the College Guidance Program at ISPS is one of Guidance, as opposed to Placement.  It is one in which the lead is taken by students and parents with the Counselor(s) facilitating the process.  This process includes: 

  • Academic
  • Testing
  • Non-Academic
  • Application Systems
  • Related Issues (Financial Grant, Visa, etc)

Ultimately, the goal of the college guidance process is finding the right “MATCH”  between the student and the institution.  We believe that once the environment is right (academically, socially and otherwise) then students will thrive and blossom there.  However, one of the hardest things to come to terms with in your journey to college is sometimes the competitiveness of the college admissions process.  

Students of ISPS could apply to a variety of colleges and universities around the world with each of these institutions having its own set of rules for admission.  However, in recent years the areas of focus in the admissions process is not limited to just academics but also non-academic experiences and achievements.

Academic and Test Scores
  • Overall academic performance
  • Rigor of the student's course of study
  • Standardized testing scores


  • Extra-curricular activities (exposure and experiences)
  • Service and Leadership
  • Personality

Institutions that use a “holistic” admissions process look at both the academic and non-academic qualities of the student. 

Guidance Classes

In order to facilitate the entire College Guidance process as well as to support the overall well-being of all our students, Guidance classes are regularly scheduled from students throughout the school including grades nine to twelve.  These guidance classes form part of the students’ schedule and attendance is mandatory.

Important Dates

USA Deadlines
Early Registration
Regular Registration


UK Deadlines
Oxbridge & Medical Programs
Regular Registration
December 1 to January 1
Decision Day


CANADA Deadlines
Varies by University/ Province

Applications Most Used
By ISPS Students

Private US Schools: 
Many private schools in the US subscribe to the  Common Application.

Canada (Ontario): OUAC

The United Kingdom:  UCAS

Finally, most other colleges/ universities offer applications from their own websites.

Standardised Test Scores

Once graduating from a US accredited high school, most universities around the world may require a standardized test score.  More specifically, either the SAT or the ACT.

Learn more about the SAT® I. 

Learn More about the ACT.

Learn more about the SAT Subject Tests.

Other Important Supporting Documents

  • High school transcript. 

  • Letters of recommendation. 

For More information on these, please contact the High School Counselor

Learn more about the SAT® I. 

Learn More about the ACT.

Learn more about the SAT Subject Tests.