Student Awareness Movement

Student Awareness Movement's mission is to bring awareness to current world issues and causes. And to benefit the community affected positively.


The first step toward change is awareness.

The second step is acceptance.

-Nathaniel Branden



Student Awareness Movement at ISPS

The goal for the club is for every month of the school year to raise awareness for one problem, or benefit a group of people.

Our 2023-2024 goals are:

  • September - supply drive for kids in need 
  • October - breast cancer awareness (cards for patients)
                     - ADHD awareness
                     - Teacher Appreciation Day
  • November - Movember (walk a thon, and informational talks)
  • December - toy drive for an orphanage
  • February - random acts of kindness week 
  • March - Down Syndrome awareness day (bingo/ games for kids)
  • April - Stress Awareness Month
  • May  -National Share a story month (read books to the less fortunate) 
              - Teacher appreciation (cards)