HOSA (Future Health Professions) is a global organization. The mission of the organization is to promote career opportunities in the health industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. My goal of bringing a chapter to ISPS is to provide more opportunities for those interested in a career in health. Through our club, we will embrace the traits of difference makers and future shapers to make a difference in our community.

This year, our chapter at ISPS will strive to fundraise towards the National Donor Marrow Program, local healthcare-related charities and also talk to local healthcare professionals to open our eyes to the healthcare community in our country. We are so excited to have our chapter at ISPS be part of the ISPS difference!


Somebody's Life May Be In Your Hands One Day. Study Like It. It Takes Heart to Be in Healthcare.



About the Health Career Fair 

The HOSA ISPS Health Career Fair stands as an immersive experience, adopting a "market style" setup that aims to provide a valuable platform for both the ISPS community and external members to enhance their understanding of various health professions and healthcare opportunities. This event goes beyond being an informational gathering, offering attendees direct access to contacts within the local community who can serve as valuable resources for those looking to delve deeper into diverse medical careers. By fostering an environment of engagement and exploration, HOSA's Career Fair plays a pivotal role in connecting individuals with the resources and insights needed to make informed decisions about their future in the healthcare field.  


Furthermore, leading up to the Fair, members of the club undergo a thoughtful pairing process where they are matched with professions aligning with their individual interests and inclinations. This strategic pairing serves as a foundation for a comprehensive exploration, empowering members to delve into their chosen health professions through extensive research and shadowing opportunities. By immersing themselves in the daily routines and responsibilities of professionals in their chosen field, participants gain an in-depth understanding of the intricacies involved in being a health professional. This personalized approach not only enhances their knowledge but also provides a unique and insightful perspective, contributing to a more informed decision-making process as they navigate their potential future careers in the healthcare field.