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ISPS has a computerized system to monitor the delivery of food services. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the system, the following guidelines will be followed:

  • Parents will be asked to pre-pay their accounts (minimum of 500$TT) either at the front desk or in the business office. This is done via cash, cheque or Lynx.
  • Parents will be advised via e-mail or note from the student’s café balance once it reaches $150.00 or less. Café accounts are not allowed to carry negative balances.
  • Students should monitor their café account balances regularly via Skyward Student Access after making purchases.
  • Elementary parents are advised to monitor their child/children’s cafe accounts regularly via Skyward Family Access.
  • When a student’s café account reaches zero, no further purchases will be allowed by the student, until a deposit is made to the account either at the front desk or business office.
  • Under no circumstances will the cafeteria staff bypass the system by entering “cash transactions” or recording in a book purchases for later entry into the system for students whose accounts have zero balances.