The cafeteria uses PowerSchool to track all food and drink purchases made by students and their account balances. In order to ensure the smooth operation of this system the following guidelines will be implemented and adhered to beginning August 2019:

  • Parents will be asked to pre-pay their accounts (minimum of 500$TT) either at the front desk or in the business office. This is done via cash, cheque or Lynx.
  • Parents will be advised via a notification in PowerSchool about the student’s café balance once it reaches $150.00 or less. Café accounts are not allowed to carry negative balances.
  • Students should monitor their café account balances regularly after making purchases.

When a student’s café account reaches zero, no further purchases will be allowed to the student, until a deposit is made to the account either at the front desk or business office.

À La Carte & Grab & Go Menus

Please click the below thumbnails to download the À La Carte and Grab & Go Menus.


  • Small: $26.00
  • Medium: $30.00
  • Large: $35.00


  • Chicken: $15.00
  • Fish: $15.00
  • Starch: $12.00
  • Peas: $12.00
  • Vegetables: $12.00