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Our goal is to create and nurture a tradition of athletic excellence through a team effort of administrators, coaches, athletes, parents and the entire ISPS community.


For me, ISPS helped open doors to new cultures, which then developed into me garnering lifelong friends. Athletics allowed me to be myself and grow... not only as a student athlete, but also as a young man entering the real world and all its adventures.
Overall my time at ISPS was perfect, and I could not have experienced a better atmosphere.
Thank you to all who supported me during my time here.

-Remy Brewer, Class of 2018


The mission of the International School of Port of Spain's Athletic Program is to develop an active body through physical expression, and believe that exercise and sport facilitate both personal and intellectual growth.


The International School of Port of Spain Athletic program is an integral part of education that will provide meaningful activities that promote learning and strive for students to excel in the development of life skills, a healthy lifestyle, sportsmanship, and citizenship.

We aim to:

  • provide each participant with experiences that are both challenging and rewarding
  • complement our academic program by promoting excellence and fostering self-esteem
  • encourage our athletes to strive to realize their potential as both individuals and team members
  • enhance understanding and develop skills that will enable athletes to develop holistically
  • consistently demonstrate an understanding and capacity for fairness, respect, integrity, responsibility, cooperation, caring, and dedication