The Music Program at ISPS provides students with musical learning experiences which seek to maintain a balance between musical knowledge and performance skills. It is very exploratory in nature.

The program is roughly divided into Classroom Music and Ensemble Music activities. In the classroom setting students are exposed to various learning activities which include singing, listening and appreciation, music theory, improvisation, movement (responding to music), and instrumental performance. Students can begin learning, or continue to play a range of instruments including percussion, recorder, violin, cello, guitar, keyboard, drums, and the steelpan.

Students in the Elementary School are engaged in all aspects of the program. They learn how to perform, compose and talk about music in a wide range of activities incorporated within the Kodaly and Orff Methodologies. Middle and High School students focus on music theory, singing, and instrumental ensembles. The flexibility of the program also offers both Middle and High School students who can already play wind or brass instruments the opportunity to participate in the instrumental ensembles.

Weekly after-school classes are held in Voice, Strings, Guitar, Piano and Steelpan Orchestra.

Throughout the year students have opportunities to showcase their talents at scheduled events. These include Town Meetings, the annual International Week Opening Ceremony, Elementary and Middle School Productions, Concerts, Talent Shows, Carnival and Arts Week Recitals. Students also participate in community events such as the Biannual Music Festival of Trinidad and Tobago.

Here at ISPS it is not solely our aim to make students experts on their instruments, but rather we also offer them the opportunity to freely explore the process of creating music. Inquiry is always encouraged and nurtured in our classrooms as it makes music an enjoyable and rewarding experience.