Design at ISPS is a Middle Years Programme (MYP) course that is meant to challenge students to analyse, create, test and take action.

Its focus though is on the process, on developing in students the ability to problem solve and reflect, on a global scale, rather than on the final products and solutions they generate.

Practical & Creative Thinking Skills

In MYP Design students are encouraged to apply practical and creative thinking skills to solve any problem and consider the repercussions of any final design decisions and/or actions they may take. This is done through the use of a four-pronged design cycle: A: Inquiring and Analysing, B: Developing Ideas, C: Creating the Solution and D: Evaluating.

At ISPS, students have the opportunity to do product as well as digital design. To ensure scaffolded learning, Design has also been integrated into the Primary Years Programme (PYP) programme, Grades PreK-5, through integrated STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) units in their IT/Media classes. 

Some of the units done in the ISPS PreK-10 Design programme, include Coding and Programming, Robotics, Game Design, Website Design, Filmmaking and Community Projects.


The ISPS Design programme is meant to promote global-thinking in our students, so that, as our motto states, they become difference-makers and future-shapers."