Summer Camp

The International School of Port of Spain (ISPS) Summer Camp offers three weeks of a fun-filled, structured and safe vacation experience to the children from ages 4 to 12 years old.

The programs incorporate four general themes: Academics, Arts & Culture, Science & Technology and Sports. Area specialists and counselors instruct in each theme.

The Camp is under the auspices of the Elementary School (ES) of the International School of Port of Spain. The ES Principal also functions as the Camp Director. The Director leads a team of Counselors, who are selected from the school’s faculty, students, graduates and external sources.

Message from the Camp Director

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Camp 2019 at International School of Port of Spain is almost here, and we are ready to embrace every moment with campers. Majority of campers choose to spend the three weeks with us, and the first two weeks we attend field trips, and the last week we engage in activities onsite. Campers have told us that they enjoy each day and they love meeting old and new friends. We ensure that our campers are learning while they have fun, and we allow them to make decisions while they learn.

Staff members are carefully chosen and have a passion for learning and teaching. Experienced teachers and professional instructors form the core of the teaching team. College and high school students with strong academic backgrounds serve as counselors. Our counselors who work throughout the three weeks are committed, and talented. Moreover, they explore ways to keep your child engage from the start of the camp to the very last day.

We expect each student to be part of the ISPS Summer Camp family, where everyone can pursue his/her interests, try new activities, and develop his/her talents. The quality of the teaching staff, as well as the student to teacher ratio enables each child to have a positive, rewarding experience. We believe our programs have something for every child to enjoy.

Please join us for another exciting three weeks!


Suzette Julien Summer
Program Director

Contact Information:
Camp Office Phone Numbers: 1 (868) 632-3950; 1 (868) 632-4591; 1 (868) 632-4595; 1 (868) 633-4777 or 1 (868) 633-4778 Extension: 123

Camp email:

What We Offer

  Academics Arts & Culture
ESOL / Academics Art & Craft (A&C)
  Field Trips
  Digital Music Production
Science & Technology Sports
Exploratory Science (ES) Badminton
Media Basketball
Robotics Soccer
  Team Games

Academics (ISPS Students Only)

The Academics Camp is only for ISPS students in the Elementary School who have been recommended by their classroom teachers. In addition, transfer students who will be entering the Elementary School in the new academic year, are allowed to enroll in the Academic Program.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Reading and Language Support

This program targets our students whose first language is not English. This program will provide an intensive and interactive session for our enrolled students to learn English in a practical but enjoyable environment. Our students at this level are taught how to speak proficiently and confidently, enhance their vocabulary and personal language capabilities.

Arts and Culture

Art and Craft (A&C)

Our campers are exposed to various media of visual expression:

  • Painting using water colours and acrylics
  • Working with an artist
  • Mosaic
  • Pottery

All the campers are introduced to a wide variety of international cuisine. They learn various cooking techniques and methods. We also expose our campers to healthy and nutritious foods as well as the safety aspects in the kitchen environment. This program is offered to all campers. PEANUT PRODUCTS are not used in the kitchen to avoid any allergic reactions.

Campers in the 9-12 age groups will be exposed to scales (C & G major) as well as to perform a simple classical song depending on the availability  of the teacher)

Field Trips
The Camp has field trips on Fridays to different parts of Trinidad and Tobago. The field trips are selected for cultural, educational, entertainment, historical or physical value. Brand new and exciting field trips are in store for this year. More information is released closer to the field trip in camp newsletter.


Arts and Technology

Digital Music Production (DMP)
In Digital Music Production, our campers create music on the computers and learn to appreciate, compose and develop different genre of music from Electronic, Latin, Rock, Instrumental to name a few. Campers are exposed to Garageband digital music program found on Apple’s Mac computers. The campers are taught using DVD tutorial, face-to-face instructional and hands-on practice on the Macs. Music tracks created in this activity can be selected for the Camp DVD.

Science and Technology

Exploratory Science (ES)
Our inquiry-based Exploratory Science program exposes our campers to the study of the Environment and Earth, Physical and Life Sciences. They perform experiments to enhance their learning. They build models like volcanoes, learning about volcanic activity and grow giant, coloured salt crystals learning about chemistry. We often combine Art and Craft with Exploratory Science. The program is also augmented by the PCS Brick Lab® Survey Series .

Media Technology (IT)
The Information Technology classes are offered to our younger campers. They use the computers in our Elementary School Media Lab in a fun, interactive learning environment. This activity fuses with the DP classes especially using the computer to store, edit and print pictures.

Field Trips
The Camp has field trips on Fridays to different parts of Trinidad and Tobago. The field trips are selected for cultural, educational, entertainment, historical or physical value. Brand new and exciting field trips are in store for this year. More information is released closer to the field trip in camp newsletter.


ISPS Summer Camp encourages a healthy and active lifestyle in our campers. Our sports program offers many different sports and physical activities for our campers. They include but are not limited to Badminton, Basketball, Football/Soccer, Bowling, and Volleyball.

Information for the Parents of Campers

  • Ensure your campers wear comfortable clothes and footwear (sneakers). It is advisable that they don’t wear slippers as it will be uncomfortable during physical activities. Heels are not recommended as they can be dangerous.
  • Campers must bring their own water, snacks and lunch as the school cafeteria will not be open during the Camp. Please do not send any peanut-based products to camp as to reduce the chances of peanut-based allergic reactions in at-risk campers.
  • Campers wear their camp T-shirt on Field Trips. T-shirts are distributed during the first week of camp.
  • Please provide a broad spectrum (UV A & B) sun block with a SPF 15 or more for your children as the sun can be very powerful in Trinidad and Tobago. Wide brim hats are also acceptable.
  • Label all items that are brought to camp.
  • We advise that personal electronic devices such as hand-held gaming devices (e.g. PSP), portable music players (e.g. iPods, MP3 players) and cell phones should not be sent with the campers. Older campers are permitted to have cell phones for emergency use only. They should be turned off or placed on silent/vibrate during the instructional/camp activities. The camp is not responsible for any child who loses his/her phone.
  • Any child leaving the campus before dismissal at 2:30 pm must sign out. Please call the Camp Office at 1 (868) 633-4777 ext.123 to inform the camp if your child is not being picked up by the regular person.
  • Provide working email addresses, as the camp communicates information via email and e-newsletters.



  • Summer Camp runs from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 2:30pm.
  • Summer School runs from Monday to Thursday from 9:00am to 11:30am.
  • There is a 15-minute Break from 10:30am and a 45-minute Lunch from 12:15pm.
  • Campers assemble in the Green Court from 8:15am and must be collected no later than 2:35pm
  • Campers need to be in Camp by 9:00 am on Fridays to be ready for the Field Trip. All buses for field trips leave at 9:15 am and return for the 2:00 p.m. pick up
  • Schedules will be emailed in the camp newsletters.


Health, Safety, Security and the Environment

  • Parents must sign out their children if they chose to collect them before dismissal at 2:30pm. Please call the Camp Office at 1 (868) 633-4777 ext.123 to inform the camp if they are going to send someone different to pick up their children.
  • On Field Trips, the campers must wear proper and comfortable footwear especially if they are going on a hike.
  • Campers are assigned to different counsellors and teachers for safety reasons.
  • We don’t use any peanut or peanut-based products in our Cooking classes to prevent any allergic reactions.
  • Parents must fill out and sign the Field Trip permission and Medical Information parts of the Registration Form. Any camper whose parent has not explicitly signed the field trip permission slip will not be allowed to go on the trip.
  • There are several certified First Aid personnel on staff. They are all experienced and have provided First Aid in different situations.
  • ISPS Summer Camp strives to provide a healthy and safety environment for the enjoyment, enrichment and enlightenment of our campers. The teachers and counsellors stress safety at all times in every activity. There are established fire and emergency routes and procedures for the camp.

Camp Programs

ISPS Summer Camp offers a wide range of activities for ages 4 – 12 year olds for their Summer (June/July) holidays. There are four age groups: 4 – 6, 7 – 8, 9 – 10 and 11 – 12. Campers take part in a variety of activities designed to engage and challenge them while having fun.

Summer Camp Pics


Registration opens from April of every year and continues until the last week of camp. It is recommended that registration forms are completed and submitted early to guarantee a space and t-shirt in the camp. Download the Registration Form for Summer Camp or Summer School, fill it out and email to This ensures that the information is entered in the Camp database. When making payments, print out the completed form and sign the field trip permission slip. When printing the form, use two-sided printing or reuse paper that has already been printed on one-side. This help to conserve paper and in turn conserve the environment.


Payment Information

Each week of Summer Camp costs TT$800.00 / US$132.00

A non-refundable deposit of TT$250.00 / US$41.00 is required to reserve space in the program. This deposit is part of the enrolment fee which goes towards the program cost.

Each week of Summer School costs TT$1100.00 / US$118.00 . In addition, any student who wishes to enroll in the Summer Camp, pays an extra TT$500.00 / US$74.00 per week. This is part of the enrollment fee. The Day rate is: TT$300.00 / US$44.00



All fees must be paid in full before the child begins camp.

1. Cash is the preferred payment option. Trinidad and Tobago (TT) currency is the preferred currency; however, United States (US) currency is accepted.

2. Linx (Debit Card). Credit cards are not accepted .

3. TT or US Dollar Cheques made out to the International School of Port of Spain are also accepted.


Field Trips

The Camp has field trips on Fridays to different parts of Trinidad and Tobago. The field trips are selected for cultural, educational, entertainment, historical or physical value. Brand new and exciting field trips are in store for this year. More information is released closer to the field trip in camp newsletter.