Learning at ISPS goes beyond the classroom as students explore and make connections in the real world through various activities such as field trips, guest speakers, research, and firsthand experience.

Students visit the local community to get first-hand experience that helps them make connections to concepts studied within units of inquiry.  

  • Grade 4, students explore the power of persuasion in language and media through their “How We Express Ourselves" unit. Students visit an advertising agency where they speak with the employees to get a sense of the creativity, cooperation, and hard work that go into creating an advertisement. Following this, students design their own print ad using the techniques that they have learnt.
  • Kindergarten visits a well-known pottery for their “Exploring Our World” unit where they learn more about the Hindu celebration Divali and its significance to the Hindu community. They use their sense of touch and sight to create small clay pots known as ‘deyas’ that are lit on Divali.