The Primary Years Programme is a curriculum framework that teachers use to plan what they want to teach and assess.

The Programme of Inquiry (POI) is the foundation upon which units are designed and built. Units are built around key concepts that include: causation, change, connection, form, function, responsibility, perspective. Reflection is a concept that is ongoing throughout all units. Subject-specific related concepts are also a key part of what students learn. This concept-based approach allows students to make transdisciplinary connections across different subjects making it easier to build their understanding of the what, why, and how the world works. Teachers become facilitators of inquiry as they plan how to engage and encourage students to collaborate, ask burning questions, and provoke their thinking, through a variety of strategies.    

Visible thinking strategies are routine and develop habits of mind that encourage students to become self-regulated, agentic learners who take responsibility for their learning. Another key and familiar element of learning is the use of technology in the teaching and learning process which equips students with the 21st-century skills that are vital to a changing world.

The concepts, knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students acquire propel them into taking action that can make a difference.