Traffic Guidelines

A comprehensive traffic control plan can help ensure that everyone is safe and traffic can move smoothly. The guidelines that have been implemented by our security creates a balanced environment which  accommodates the needs of all modes of transportation - pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Below is our ISPS traffic control plan and map of traffic flow for pick-up/ drop-off of our Elementary, Middle and High School students. 

Please follow the rules that help to make ISPS safer for our community:

Rules to follow

  • Parents must notify the school if there is a change of their driver or pick up arrangements via letter and phone call.
    (Ms. Pilar Subero: 633-4777 ext. 224 or
  • Head of Security: Anthony Ralph ( Michael Charles (
  • Parents must avoid parallel parking on Columbus Circle leading to ISPS. This not only inconveniences the residents but it blocks the thoroughfare should there be a need for an evacuation of the school or any emergency situation.
  • PLEASE NOTE: there is a police presence in the area. Should anyone be found parking irregularly to obstruct traffic flow, parking in front of a resident’s driveway, or breaching any Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Regulations, they can and will be ticketed by the police officers or towed at the owner's expense.
  • Vehicles parked in front of the school’s main office area MUST have their engines turned OFF while you wait to collect your child/children.
  • During the sounding of any of the school’s alarms, NO vehicular traffic will be allowed to pass the school’s security barrier. Also you will be expected to vacate your vehicle and proceed to the school’s Muster Point (located on Spanish Court Field)
  • The speed limit for traffic on the campus and on International Drive is 5kph.
  • Parents MUST sign and return a Pedestrian Form if you require your child/children to walk home after school.
  • Parents must insist that their child/children be outside for pick-up at a particular time, thus shortening your waiting time.
  • Be polite to other drivers and try to leave room for easy maneuvering at the curb.
  • Do not use cellphones or text while picking up or dropping off children.

A. Ralph, Head Security and Safety

Diagram showing the traffic system at ISPS.
Staff are stationed at the pick-up and drop-off zone to manage traffic flow. 


Traffic Directions    

(A)  All traffic direction arriving for morning drop off & afternoon pick up.

(B)  Lane used to enter or exit the parking area along the school’s wall/also an exit lane.

(C)  Exit lane to be used when exiting the northern parking area. To exit from (D) drop off & pick up lane.

(D)  All traffic for drop off & pick up must enter the lane and drive in a queue by moving up.

(E)  Elementary School pick up & drop off zone.

(F)  All vehicles exiting (B)(C)(D)  must use this lane.

Please be advised of the following

  1. Turn off vehicles while waiting in the Elementary School Pick-Up area.
  2. Follow the instructions of Security Officers/Traffic Assistants.
  3. Parents/Drivers please drive vehicles to the top of the pick up line to allow movement of vehicles behind.
  4. Parents will be asked to rejoin the pick-up line if their children are not available at the assigned pick up area.

 We thank you for your cooperation in the above matters.