School Policies

The whole ISPS community has high expectations in terms of student, parents and faculty behavior.  We value the calm and respectful atmosphere in which we are able to study and work and look to all members of our community to help uphold these values.


Student Standards of Conduct



Student Expectation for Middle & High School

In addition to the points made in Student Standards of Conduct, the following items are listed so that there is no misunderstanding about our expectations of our Middle and High School students in these important areas. They are considered serious violations and the consequences can be found in our Discipline Code:


Specific Concerns & Offenses

*** See also the Discipline Matrix and Philosophy


Drugs & Alcohol Policy

The aim of the Drug and Alcohol Policy is to acknowledge and clarify the school’s role in drug prevention. This policy provides information about procedures to respond to any drug-related incident. The school policy aims to ensure that the approach taken on the issue of drugs is a whole-school one and is part of our commitment to, and concern for, the health and well-being of the whole school community. 


Discipline Policy

The International School of Port of Spain recognizes that developing passionate learners who strive for excellence will thrive in a school climate that is caring, orderly and safe. Standards of behaviour supporting the total education process and consequences of failure to adhere those standards shall be set in place and clearly communicated within the ISPS community.


Weapons Policy

Students or non-students may not possess a weapon or other dangerous object in the school building or on school property, school provided transportation or at school functions. Dangerous objects include (without implied limitation) fire arms, explosive devices, pellet guns, and knives. Any student found to be in possession of a weapon, or facsimile of a weapon, is subject to a disciplinary response up to and including referral for dismissal.