A Partnership

Communication is an intrinsic and integral cornerstone of our education strategy.  Each child's learning at ISPS starts with a communication partnership, a framework which recognizes that the parent, student, teacher and school administrator all play a significant role in modelling effective communication. 

For this partnership to work, communication needs to be timely, engaged and honest. As partners we all have an important role and this role is rooted in mutual respect and concern in each student as they progress through the grades. It means paying attention to the little things on a daily basis to keep on track. Our experience reminds us that each school year provides an opportunity to renew our commitment to keeping the channels of communication open and vibrant.

The relationship between home and school plays a very important part in a child’s education. This makes two-way communication a critical factor in the partnership between parents and the school. This makes it easier for parents to solve problems and to feel confident about the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom.

The Weekly Loop

The Weekly Loop is the KEY METHOD of school-to-home communication.  Cross-school and division level communications to parents will be sent via The Loop. The Weekly Loop will go out each FRIDAY before 5pm. 

Other Channels of Communication



Crisis Communication

Responsibilities of Parents in Case of Emergency

It is imperative that parents and guardians ensure that the school, through accurate records in the PowerSchool Parent Portal, has up-to-date contact information as well as medical history on their children.



Communication Flow Chart