MYP eAssessment

ISPS is pleased to offer our students in Grade 10 the opportunity to take an external IB assessment  in the form of on-screen examinations that are unique because they mainly focus on inquiry, communication and critical thinking skills. The knowledge and skills that students acquire over the years of the programme prepare them for these assessments as these skills are interwoven into the fabric of our teaching and learning at ISPS.


The graphic above outlines how the two types of assessment – on-screen examinations and ePortfolios – are divided across the MYP's various subject groups.  (Graphic courtesy:

On-Screen Examinations

On-screen examinations consist of three extended tasks and a series of stimulus materials or background resources to engage students in scenarios or problems that they can respond to in various ways. The tasks include a range of questions from open-ended prompts to specific questions, and each task targets at least one assessment criterion.




What is the cost of the MYP exams?

The current cost of the fees are:

  • eAssessment individual subject registration fee: 76 US