MYP Personal Project 

The Personal Project is one of the highlights of the entire Middle Years Programme, as it marks the culmination of a student’s MYP journey. It is a student directed project on almost any topic. Students are required to complete this work over an extended period of time, outside of class hours. 

Throughout the life of the project, our students used Process Journals to record how they investigated, planned and made their products. They then finally reflected on their learning in a formal Report.  Each report was graded internally, grades submitted to IB, then project samples  uploaded to that body for external moderation.

While COVID-19 interrupted initial plans for the face to face exhibition, as has been the norm, it has not put an end to them. The show will go on! Last year 10th graders shared their projects via a virtual showcase. Students used this opportunity to showcase to the ISPS community, their creations and the journeys that led to the achievement of their goals. 

Apart from not meeting face to face, another major difference last year was that instead of one day of celebration, we were able to view projects at our leisure for an extended period, via a website. There was a silver lining after all!

Charmaine Quamina
MYP Personal Project Coordinator