Elementary School


Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to ISPS... we are diverse and build our programs so that students can be confident, engage in excellent habits of learning, and practice integrity.

As your child enters our doors, we are ready to accept his or her individuality. Our passionate and highly trained teachers are there with them guiding them through their purposeful learning. Students learn that they are a part of their community, and that they could have a voice in what they want to learn and do. Independence, trust, responsibility are some of the attitudes that can be visibly seen as they develop throughout the program. 

Our small groups and classes make it more personable for each child to be engaged each day. Students guide their learning as they choose centers to explore and actively engage in parallel play. If you walk through the spaces of the early years, you find them laughing, sharing and helping each other. 

Dr. Suzette Julien
ES Principal


At ISPS, we believe that  authentic learning and the journey for a child’s success at school depends on the partnership with the students, the parents and the faculty.