PYP Exhibition

The grade 5 PYP Exhibition is an extended, in depth, collaborative inquiry that is student driven, and one that marks the culmination of student learning in Elementary School.

The students’ work embodies elements associated with the Primary Years Program and this was shared with the entire school community.

Though completing the remainder of the process online, students continued to receive support by meeting with their Grade 5 teachers, the librarian and their mentors regularly.

Our transdisciplinary theme this year is “Where we are In Place and Time.”  In this unit students investigated a variety of changes in our world through time, place, and eras, with elaboration on how much of what we do today has been influenced by the past. In all we have nine groups.

There are 8 sub-groups, please see the videos highlighted below.

These videos are also archived on the ISPS YouTube channel.

The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.

-Thomas Berger