Elementary School


Elementary children enter school with curious minds and the formative years are critical for them to investigate and understand their world.  

The diversity of the student body provides a richness that allows students to become more globally aware.We stress the importance of balance, and our after-school programs allow for students to further develop their talents.


Pre-K 3 to Grade 5 

Our school has a rich culture that encourages curiosity and uniqueness about each other. Students approach learning in a way that helps them to inquire, question, and wonder about their world. We encourage our students to have a voice, choice, and ownership of their learning.

Our Elementary School is divided into two groups: Early Childhood for students in grades Pre-Kindergarten (age 3)  to Kindergarten. This program is integrated, creative, and encourages discovery and play. It fosters learning for ages 3-4 where students are encouraged to learn about themselves and their surroundings. 

Our Primary Years Programme for students in Grades PK 3 to 5 (ages 3 to 10), encourages the students to explore, engage, explain, elaborate, and evaluate their learning. Students enjoy a myriad of learning experiences within the walls of the school as well as outdoor activities and projects that provide them with agency and opportunities to be innovative.

We encourage you to view how students demonstrate confidence and contribute to their learning communities.

The Elementary School offers a balanced program that builds confidence, character, tolerance, critical thinking, creativity and risk-taking. Our students have the opportunity to share knowledge about what they are learning, and they can choose how they wish to present the information.