Writing for Young Children

For the second year running, students in the High School Creative Writing course teamed up with Elementary School for a project connected to their study on the impact of the audience on fictional writing.

Once students had made decisions about the specific age, between pre-k and 8 years, that they wanted to target, they researched their age group using the internet. However, an important part of research also had to include observing, talking to and interviewing members of the specific audience and their teachers, to help with decisions about elements that would be crucial for students in writing their own stories (topic, language, images, type of characters, etc.). This is where the Elementary school came in.

Students were assigned to specific Elementary School classes and each interviewed his/her assigned teacher to find out about the target audience. They then met with target classes virtually to observe or talk with the little ones about the books they liked, or to read to them to better gauge attention span, preferences about characters, topic, pictures and so on.

Students are now working on their stories.

Lots of thanks to Dr. Julien and the Elementary school teachers who agreed, without hesitation, to help with this project.

A HUGE THANK YOU  Ms. Sultan-Khan, Ms. Keir, Ms. Khan, Ms. Agostini, Ms. Butts and Ms. Denoon for providing this opportunity for the 11th and 12th graders. It will make their work richer and more relevant and give them a true understanding of how critical it is to consider the audience when writing. 


Charmaine Quamina
HS English