Podcast: All Things Health and Wellness

Welcome to our Podcast Channel: All Things Health and Wellness

As part of the unit "Optimal Health Management," Grade 9 and 10 students are creating podcasts on health and wellness. The "Optimal Health Management" unit allows students to have the opportunity to discuss topics and answer fundamental questions they will encounter in the study of non-communicable diseases, dimensions of wellness and their role in optimal health. 

Before you try to answer that question or tell us about the latest trend in health and fitness, take a listen. We may always be searching for the next best weight loss or diet trend rather than actually putting in the work and having some sustainability to actively manage our health. Yup, I said it.  

High School Physical and Health Education (PHE) students are merging technological innovation with academic excellence with their very own podcasts. You can call us for your next wellness seminar. Here are a few of the students' podcasts. 

The goal of the podcast is for students to use research and to get information about best practices in health and wellness for adults and young adults diagnosed with these lifestyle diseases. Then take that information and turn it into an educational platform for their peers and by extension the ISPS community. 


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Shemille John
Physical and Health Education