Water, An Amazing Substance

Why is water so important? Students in Grades 9 and 10 began a journey to answer this question as we investigated the properties of water this week. Through inquiry based experiments at home, students were able to carry out different experiments that highlighted various properties of water: high surface tension, cohesion, adhesion, solvent and high specific heat capacity.

Once students recorded their results, they reflected on their knowledge of water (specifically that water is a dipole and can form hydrogen bonds) to explain the results they obtained, and identify the property of water investigated through each experiment. 

Students will continue to extend their understanding next week by explaining why all these properties result in water being such an important molecule in living systems (within individuals and ecosystems).

This topic is linked to the Biology recommended topic of “Metabolism” for the Science MYP eAssessment, as well as, the  “Chemistry of Life” unit for pre-AP Biology.

Danette Paynter
Grade Level: 9 & 10
Subject - Biology
Unit 1 - Chemistry of Life
Topic - Water and Biological Molecules