Visual Art Addressing 21st-Century Issues

Visual Art Addressing 21st-Century Issues

This year the MYP Eportfolio required visual art students to examine 21st-century issues and through their art pieces raise awareness of these issues. 

Students looked at the many different 21st-century issues that were impacting individuals and societies. They were categorized into categories of social, economic and political issues. 

The key concept was change thus students attempted to elicit change through their visual presentation of different 21st-century issues. Issues that students highlighted were substance abuse, ocean pollution, human migration, anxiety, poverty, deforestation and social unrest. 

These issues were looked at from a global and individual perspective. A variety of media and styles were explored as well as both peer and teacher critiques were used throughout the process of creating these art pieces.

Donna Clarke
MYP Eportfolio
Visual Art