Students Attend Virtual MUN

Students Attend Virtual MUN

NHSMUN21 was attended by eight students from ISPS over the course of four days, from March 5th-8th.  Our students engaged in multiple committees preparing position papers on key issues such as: Ensuring the Equal Treatment of Girls and Women in Justice Systems, Mitigating the Effects of Pollution on Marine Life, & The Situation in the Republic of Mali.  


UNEA: UN Environment Assembly

UNICEF: United Nations Children’s FundICC: International Criminal Court

ICJ: International Court of Justice

CCPCJ: Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Although this year's conference was virtual, this will serve as a terrific foundation for those wishing to pursue this further in 2022, with our hope being that, by this time, our students will be able to take the trip to New York City to put their new found skills to the test.  The conferences were still as challenging and intimidating as ever, but I am pleased to announce that feedback from staff at the conference showed that our team were very much involved and did themselves proud.

A very special shout out to Malaika Kerr who led our group from start to finish and did a tremendous job in helping the team to prepare for the conferences.

Established in 1975, NHSMUN is the world’s largest and most prestigious Model UN conference for secondary school students. Long recognized for having the best substantive program on the MUN circuit, NHSMUN is known for its diverse, talented attendees, its world-class staff, its highly engaging debates, and its academically rigorous material. Located in the heart of New York City, NHSMUN offers delegates unparalleled access to the UN system.



Matt Broughton