Using Tech Tools For Student Engagement

At ISPS we are a vibrant learning community even during distance learning. The Middle School and High School teachers are honing their skills using digital tools.

Interactive tools such as Jamboard, Parlay, Padlet, and Flipgrid, to name a few, are seen daily in our digital classrooms. These dynamic platforms allow students to collaborate, discuss, engage, and be creative even though we are all in different rooms.

Teachers are going the extra mile to learn and implement these tools alongside their curriculum planning. They are even spending time teaching each other the many ways the tools can be used to teach and assess students.

As ISPS’s Instructional Coach, I have the privilege of visiting all of our virtual classrooms and seeing these tools in action. I am impressed with the variety of ways that teachers use the virtual tools with the different contents they are teaching. I commend our teachers for being learners themselves as they continue to refine their craft of teaching even during distance learning. 

Michelle Anderson
K-12 Instructional Coach