ISPS Hosts Successful Relief Collection Drive to Assist SVG

ISPS Hosts Successful Relief Collection Drive to Assist SVG

Thank you to all of you who made donations to the St. Vincent Drive. Please know that you have made donations to a very important cause. As part of the drive we tried to create greater awareness amongst the ISPS community but particularly amongst our student population. 

As this was a student leader led initiative, House Captains visited all Elementary classes to explain what the drive was all about. All Middle Scotia and High School students spent a homeroom watching footage of St Vincent and learning about the situation there. It was brought to my attention by Ms. Angney that Grade 6 students took a particular interest in the events and the drive. They decided to investigate further. 

As part of their Service Learning, they had been planning on doing a socially distanced beach clean-up. However given the new COVID restrictions, that was no longer a possibility.  Ms. Angney and Ms. Veck  decided in light of their students' interest, to shift their focus to helping with the St. Vincent relief efforts. In teams, students are currently researching organizations that are helping with the relief efforts in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. In their homeroom next week, they will  give  presentations to the rest of the Middle School persuading the audience to donate to one of them. They have been asked to use specific evidence and at least three of the persuasive devices they learned about in English. 

Based on the presentations, all Middle School students and teachers will be asked to vote on which organization they will support. All of your donations will subsequently be sent to that organization in St. Vincent.

House points and the chosen organization will be announced in next week's Loop.

Again, thank you  for your support of this cause. 


Maeve O Donovan
Assistant Principal