Student Highlight: Jumping and Eventing at El Tambre

Student Highlight: Jumping and Eventing at El Tambre

During the Easter vacation, Grade 10 student, Elizabeth got an opportunity to travel to Bogota, Colombia to pursue her dreams of Jumping and Eventing at El Tambre. Elizabeth travelled with other children from other stables in Trinidad.

The exposure to the different settings, and climate (it was cold some days) and International coaches and riders was truly an amazing experience for Elizabeth and all the riders. Some of the noteworthy riders were Juan Carlos Garcia who competed at the 1998,1992 and 2004 Summer Olympic Games, Elissa Gallego Jumping & Eventing Rider, Rosa Cristina Franco, Dressage Rider & Coach and Jorge Enrique Gallego, El Tambre's Coach

The Clinic Director, Jorge had this to say about Elizabeth:

"Elizabeth really impressed us, she is very talented and highly motivated independent of her past accident she did well at the clinic, even though she had a strong mare-she always looked out for how to handle any situation-she showed us how "brave" she was at all moments-she never asked for mercy and never showed at any moment any sign of giving up."

Keep up the good work, Elizabeth. We are proud of you!