Grade 5 Launches PYP Exhibition

Welcome to our Grade 5 Primary Years Programme (PYP) exhibition! This Year our 5th graders chose to explore how COVID-19 impacted various aspects of their lives. Each area was selected based on personal interest, with students driving the inquiry under the guidance of their Grade 5 teachers.

The PYP Grade 5 Exhibition is the apogee of student learning in Elementary School, and epitomizes extensive, student-driven, inquiry that showcases the conceptual understanding of students.

Having to complete the entire Grade 5 Exhibition process  virtually, did not come without its challenges, given our current, global, extenuating circumstances. However we feel that despite this fact, our students have been able to demonstrate understanding and growth relative to their own unique potential.

Our transdisciplinary theme for the Exhibition this year is Sharing the Planet and our overarching central idea is: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our habits and forced us to adopt new ones to ensure our survival. The areas being explored are education, communication, sports, transport and tourism, entertainment and recreation and health.

Thank you for being a part of the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition journey. 

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