Grade 10 Students Learn Separation Techniques

The grade 10 Chemistry class has started the year off with a bang. Students started off looking at separation technique labs which play a vital role in developing them as young chemists. They learned to separate: 

1. Oil and water using a separating funnel

2. Sand and water using simple filtration

3. Ethanol and Water using simple distillation

4. Sand and Ammonium chloride via sublimation

(See student's lab drawings below) 

Students also completed their first unit in theory looking at electronic configurations of atoms and ions on the periodic table and writing the configuration using s, p, d and f notation focusing on molecular orbital (shells and sub-shells). They have since started their second unit and have now gone on to looking at trends in the periodic table with emphasis on group trends considering a metal and non-metal group and also a period trend focusing on period three elements.


Kyle Joyeau
Grade Level: 10
Class: Chemistry