Santa's Hotspot - Thank You!

Santa's Hotspot - Thank You!

WE DID IT!  The Service Learning Class hosted ISPS Santa's Hotspot Christmas Market to support local artisans, artists and raise funds to purchase food for the Sylphil Home of Love, Tobago.   

With months of planning they set their goal of 30 vendors and 200 hundred shoppers. On Saturday, December 5, 2020 we had over 40 vendors and over 200 hundred shoppers purchasing that special gift for their loved one for Christmas.   

Because of your commitment to this community, we were able to raise over $4,500.00 and deliver a well-organized and safely run experience for all to enjoy.  The atmosphere on the campus on Saturday was fantastic and the patrons that came to shop made it very special indeed, despite the COVID restrictions!  


In the spirit of giving,  ISPS Santa's Hotspot Christmas Market, Service Learning class extended the event to support other Service Learning groups including the raffle held to raise funds to purchase personal items for prisoners.  The enthusiasm, commitment and creativity of the Service Learning class left not only vendors satisfied but shoppers pleased that they helped made a difference.   


We are so proud of this class and their achievements from planning the event, to its execution, including the creation of social media platforms and the ISPS Santa's Hotspot website. 


Aykean Matthews
Service Learning Class


Message From Our Student Body

There really isn’t a more rewarding feeling than the feeling of giving back. This past weekend, all the planning in breakout rooms, the constant back and forth between students and administration finally paid off. If you told our service learning class in the very beginning that our event was going to be as successful as it was on Saturday, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. 

This past year has really allowed us all to collectively take a step back and realise how fortunate we truly all are. Introducing philanthropy in our curriculum is something that we would all be able to take a piece of in the near future, to assist us in making the world a better place. 

A huge thank you to our patrons. Those that came and bought, even those that didn’t buy, but still showed support, a wholehearted thank you on behalf of our entire Service Learning class.

A special thanks goes out to Ms. Aykean Matthews, Ms. Helen Brocklesby, Ms. Jackie Fung-Kee-Fung, and Ms. Daena Viscuña, as well as the security team, maintenance staff and cleaning faculty that all played crucial roles in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for customers. 

This definitely won’t be the last time for an event like this, and we really hope that it becomes ISPS tradition. 

Aisha Langton-Regis
Grade 12