Grade 3 – Plant a Tree Service Learning Project 

As a class, Grade 3 is passionate about protecting the environment. At the time we started our project in October 2020, we were learning about communities during our PYP unit “How We Organize Ourselves”. We aimed to encourage communities to protect their clean air supply or their cities from landslides. Our solution: Plant a Tree. Also, we wanted to learn how to get involved in the community outside of school and we wanted to do that in a way that is positive and sets an example. 

In December 2020, amid COVID restrictions we realized that if we really want to do this ourselves as 3rd graders, we would have to find a way to get the trees that we needed to plant. However, it was difficult for us to organize any kind of sale (bake sale, garage sale) even though we had a lot of ideas. In the end, we decided to grow our own trees. During the next PYP unit “Where We Are in Place and Time” we had a chance to learn about life cycles and after some reading and discussing, together with our teacher, we decided to each grow our own Avocado Tree. Each student was allowed to grow as many as they wanted, but the minimum was at least one. Students also learned about the life-cycle of an avocado tree and how to care for it until it can be planted. It took our avocado seeds more than 10 days to come close to being planted. 

In March 2021, our avocados plants finally grew to a decent size and they were ready to be re-planted. Our teacher organized a rather hybrid fieldtrip (with some students joining in from their iPad from overseas) in order for us to plant our trees in a safe environment that is compliant with current pandemic restrictions. Therefore, Grade 3 was able to plant their avocado trees within the forests managed by the Fondes Amandes Reforestation Foundation, located in St. Ann’s. It was a fun day of being helpful, seeing our friends and teachers and enjoying a day out in nature. In the end, our class also donated TTD$1000 for the foundation to continue its work to support the forests of Trinidad and to maintain our avocado trees. 

In April 2021, back to online school after the break, the students reflected on the experience: 

“We cared for the environment and planted trees, we were knowledgeable about how we wanted to do this and we were inquirers because we learned new things.” 

“I was a risk-taker because we tried new things and we stood up for trees.”

“One of the most important things about our project was protecting the environment and making tree cutting balance with planting trees.”



Claudia Iordache