ISPS Student Builds Training Course for Puppies

Emily Costa, a senior, visited the Police Canine Section's puppy training centre in Cumuto recently to see the puppy's obstacle course. For her MYP personal project in Grade 10, Emily had raised funds to build this obstacle course to train puppies to become working police dogs.  

Emily said, "It was a very rewarding experience to see the puppies training on the obstacle course. On the day I visited, Cpl Chase gave me the opportunity to help train Dera, a Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd. The puppies are so energetic and obedient.  I was very honoured to be given that opportunity by the police. It made me realise how much I love dogs." 

Emily took orders for the brownies and cookies that she made. She had to come up with a business plan and keep track of expenses and profits. She got donations from people she told about her project. Emily visited the canine police to see what they needed to build an obstacle course. She raised $4,300. 

"It was fulfilling to know I was able to help the police with such an important project," said Emily. "I feel good knowing that I participated in a project that will have a lasting impact on Trinidad and Tobago. 

Emily offered advice to tenth-grade students embarking on their personal projects. 

"When you're choosing your MYP Personal Project, do something you are passionate about. I like dogs and I also wanted to do a community service project. Try to get the most hands-on experience you can with whatever you do." 

She said, "MYP personal projects teach you independence, time management and organizational skills. They give you an opportunity to pursue an ongoing passion. You can find projects that really make a difference. 

Two years after she completed her project, Emily says, "I feel proud to see my work come to life.  I see that my effort paid off and actually made a difference. These police puppies will grow up to be working police dogs, and part of their training took place on the obstacle course I made possible." 


Submitted by
Debbie Jacob