Music is Alive in Grade 11

The HS Independent Music Study course is up and running once again!

This year the Grade 11s are partaking in the opportunity the course offers.

The course uses a college-level instructional approach that:

  • puts the student in charge of his or her learning, 
  • allows the student to select and study a topic(s) in order to strengthen a college application, prepare for a future job, or pursue a personal interest,
  • responds to students’ interests, aptitudes, and abilities,
  • allows students to learn at an accelerated or slower pace than may be possible in a classroom setting. 

In Music, Independent Study can take many forms.

A student can learn a brand new instrument, study music therapy, or learn how to mount and execute a public music event. Last year’s cohort did that and much more and this year’s will be no different.

Students are currently building a personal curriculum that can completely align or be completely off what is considered a conventional music curriculum… as long as it’s music-related. The choice is theirs!

Grade 11 students in the program have chosen to study a range of music topics including:

  • Advanced Music Theory
  • Improvisation, Composition, and Arranging
  • Development and Techniques on an Instrument
  • Ensemble Performance
  • Audio Engineering and Production


Be on the lookout for what comes next!


Kendra Sylvester-Flores
Grade 11
Class: Independent Music Study