MUN Prepares for Online Conference

MUN Prepares for Online Conference

This term, in MUN we are preparing for our online conference which is quickly approaching, set for the 5th to 8th of March, for which we were recently assigned Mexico.

During meetings, our president, Malaika Kerr, has been taking us through rules, guidelines, and procedures of what is expected of us during the conference. Outside of meetings, we have also begun to read through our conference material, which includes articles and information on our country’s position, as well as issues we must discuss.

We are using this information to formulate our position papers, which are due for feedback revision in February. Whilst we are disappointed that we will not be travelling overseas for the conference, the experience has nevertheless been challenging and enjoyable thus far.

Charlotte Potter
MUN Club Member


Club Information

Mission Statement

The main purpose of MUN is to take students out of their comfort zone and into the political arena, tackling real world issues in a challenging environment.

Club Goals

IMUNA’s goal is to shape the next generation of globally-minded leaders through global issues education. Through MUN, we are able to prepare students for an increasingly interconnected future that will require cross-cultural understanding.

MUN Executive

President: Malaika Ker
Secretary: Emily O’Connor


Highlights from our Trip Last Year