Me Gusta Ir De Compras/ I Like Shopping

Fashion is an important and powerful means of communication. The type of clothing we use depends on the gender, age, and culture of an individual.  This takes us to the concept of personal identity and cultural expression. We often choose and use clothing items that communicate to others who we are, as well as to share part of our life stories. For many, it represents a sense of belonging and a need to fit in, for orders it is an opportunity to stand out and express uniqueness. 

During the second term, sixth graders have been working on the unit of Shopping and Clothing. With the goal of demonstrating an understanding of learned concepts, students were challenged to design and publish online catalogs that reflected their personal clothing styles. In this authentic assessment task, students used research, creative, and tech skills to design web pages for imaginary clothing stores. Using adequate vocabulary and grammar (criterion D) these make-believe designers and business owners personalized their products by describing their audience, textiles, styles, pricing, and sizes. 

Here are some samples of student’s work: 

Chimene Moonsammy
Grade Level: 6
Class: Spanish
Current Unit: Shopping and Clothing