Me Gusta Comer - An Exploration into Health & Wellness

During this term Grade 6 worked on the unit ‘Me gusta comer’ (I like to eat), an exploration into the theme of healthy lifestyles and wellness. 

Students worked on key vocabulary and expressions for the different food groups and the food pyramid. They conducted some research into the color of fruits and vegetables and learnt about the importance of vitamins and minerals present in these groups, focusing on the key role they play in children’s healthy development.  In class the students read and discussed the negative impact on our bodies of eating too many fats, sweets and having a poor or unhealthy diet. 

The students are also learning how to communicate in writing about personal choices regarding: favorite and least favorite foods, drinks and meals, as well as how frequently they consume them.

To demonstrate some of their learnings and understandings on this topic, students work collaboratively on a Nearpod activity to create a series of tips on how to live a healthy and balanced life. 

These are some images of our collaborative boards on Nearpod:

Chimene Moonsammy