Los Términos de Instrucción/Command Terms  

¿Qué son los términos de instrucción?  What are Command Terms? 


According to the IBO: 

“Command terms are key terms and phrases used in the syllabus content and in examination questions to indicate what performance is required of candidates. Developing an in-depth appreciation of these command terms and definitions, in the context of a particular subject, is essential for teaching the course and achieving the desired learning outcomes’.

-International Bachaulatte Organization


¿Qué estamos haciendo? What are we doing? 


As we approached half term, Emergent C students made a pause to their units of study and worked on a stand-alone topic: Términos de Instrucción (Command Terms). 

Por que? Why? 

The goal was to understand more about how students are assessed by their teachers across disciplines based on their learning outcomes. Students also reflected on the Language Acquisition Skills (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing) with the understanding that during an assessment command terms guide, lead, instruct and help students understand what is expected from them as well as at what level of performance. 

¿Qué hicimos? What did we do?


Students were asked to demonstrate their understanding of these terms by writing their own sentences applying the key vocabulary. They used technology, their knowledge of cognate words, verb conjugation, and basic familiar and new vocabulary in Spanish. 

Using Nearpod’s collaborative boards students were able to practice their reading and writing skills as well as share, communicate and discuss their ideas. 

Here are some examples of students' work: 

Middle School Emergent C



Emma- Me comunico con mis amigas en inglés. 

Rodney - Yo describo un hombre a la policía. 

Samantha - Yo describo mi rutina. 

Victoria - Discuto  mi día con mi hermana y todo eso. 

Iris -Yo describo a mi perro.

Stella -Yo analizo los diseños.

Ayush- Yo examino  mis diseños con mi profesor. 

Maz- Me comunico en la casa. 

Paulina- Describo mi dibujo en la clase de arte.

Aaryan- Me discuto sobre matemáticas con mis padres. 

Kayla - Me comunico  con mis amigos y mi familia. 

High School Emergent C


Tessa - Yo evalúo mi trabajo 

Sophie - Evalúo mis razones

Zachary - Yo discuto el juego de fútbol con mis amigos

Lindsay -Yo analizo la frase en la clase de español. 

Zane - Me comunico con los estudiantes en mi clase. 

Kira - Yo describo  a mis amigos como divertidos.

Samara - Discuto con mis amigas en la clase

Haadim - Describo mi perro a mis amigos.

Kane - Analizo me espacio

Chimene Moonsammy
Middle/ High Spanish
Topic: Command Terms