Hand Gestures Used to Teach Stories and Basic Structure

Los tres cerdos pequeños y el lobo (The three little pigs and the wolf).

This term, Grade 3 students started working with the AIM program called Historias en accion. This program is an innovative new approach to second language instruction based upon the use of stories and music for the teaching of Spanish specifically. The methodology uses Comprehensible Input: Language input that can be understood by listeners despite them not understanding all the words and structures. By using known stories, language is developed in a familiar and predictable context.  


Stories and basic structures are taught through a series of hand gestures which enable students to remember and easily  build meaning.  Students are able to acquire vocabulary and grammar in a functional and fun way, while remaining engaged. In addition, including a wide range of activities like choral speaking, singing, playing, group work and a diverse online platform allows students to develop confidence and competence to communicate in Spanish as they progress and grow through each stage. 

The focus for this  term has been on vocabulary for class routines, greetings and introductions, expressing feelings, as well as introduction of the characters of the story, adjectives to describe them and actions expressed in the first and third person in Spanish.


Chimene Moonsammy 
Grade 3 Spanish