ISPS Celebrates International Literacy Day

On International Literacy Day, a look at how Elementary School teachers at ISPS keep their students engaged in reading…

As the world marked International Literacy Day on September 8, we at ISPS learned more about the importance of literacy and how it relates to our teaching and learning.

It was thought that literacy involved reading and writing.  However, we know now that literacy expands way beyond these previous thinkings, and embodies a host of other literacies in math, science, and even technology.

In 2017 it was estimated that over 780 million adults could not read or write, with women being the highest. Internationally, the United Nations plays an important role in ensuring that the most vulnerable countries, communities, and persons are able to access resources that will improve their ability to communicate their ideas and feelings and in so doing their overall quality of life.

This morning Mrs. Marina Walter-Gralton spoke to the 5th Graders on the importance of literacy and the UN's role. In 5th Grade, we also launched our 20-40 Book Reading Challenge.

We at ISPS have so much to be thankful for! Despite it all, we continue to expand the mindscape of our students. Let us mark this day in our calendars and celebrate literacy! Please enjoy the snapshots from today.

Gabrielle Wiltshire
Grade 5