Lower Elementary School Music

Lower Elementary Music began with initial explorations of Musical Fundamentals. Students engage with Beat, Rhythm, Tempo, Tone, Timbre and Dynamics.

Pre-K students explored sounds, determining whether a sound was Loud or Soft. They ventured throughout their households to find relevant examples and came up with some fantastic results.

Kinder began a more structured approach to learning the difference between Beat and Rhythm. Students represented the Beat with 4 items of the same size and makeup to show that the Beat Stays the Same! A few students also played some of their favorite rhythms!

Grade 1 students looked at the different instrument families and the instruments that belong to them. Students had a chance to discuss their favorite instruments, listen to sound clips of them and look at videos of great performers on those instruments.

Grade 2 rounds out our Lower ES students by exploring the use of notation and symbols in music. Students learned how to draw, clap and sing different types of notes throughout a range of activities.

Aaron LowChewTung
Elementary Music